As you can tell from the passioned opinions on this page, Garvey's Gourmet Baking fans are winning fans all over. Are you a fan of one of our mixes? Let us know!

"Quick "Homemade" Item"

Love these scones, it's the best way to have fresh scones in the morning. I add fresh berries and a little sugar as the side of the pkg instructs and they are wonderful. Sprinkle powder sugar on top for a little variety.

"A cut above the rest!"

Garvey's scones are easy to prepare and the taste and texture are amazing! I've never been a huge fan of scones until I tried Garvey's mix. The instructions are simple and they're ready in no time. They're a nice treat to have on hand anytime. So glad I found these!

"These scones made me a KING!"

I had some of these incredible scones at a little bed & breakfast some time ago. When I came across these Garvey scone gems again, I bought them quick and served them up for a special breakfast. Needless to say, I could have been crowned a KING for being so thoughtful! Thanks for carrying these Amazon - and thanks for making them easy to make Garvey Scones.


I generally do not write reviews for products, but after I had these a few weeks ago I felt that I had to. Easy to make and so worth it. Highly recommended. Easily 5 stars! Thanks for the great product

"Excellent scones"

I love these scones. They were very easy to make, and far above the rest on the shelf in terms of texture and flavor. I used to go to Starbucks for a scone, now I just whip up a batch of Garvey's, and save myself money with a better tasting product.

"Simply Delicious!!"

Garvey Scones are delicious!! And ridiculously easy to make. They are great for a Sunday morning with coffee, the smell while baking are sure to wake the entire neighborhood. I have been thinking that they would make a lovely Holiday gift as well, baked or unbaked!

"Love the scones!"

These scones were fantastic! I put some fresh fruit in the mix and enjoyed them thoroughly.

"Great scone mix"

Home made scone with home made vanilla latte. Yum. Every time I enjoy this combination it makes me feel like I'm rich and retired.

"Yummy scones"

Have been enjoying these scones for years. Just recently saw these available online. Have to try if you haven't yet; very high quality.

"Awesome scone's"

These are some of the best stones I've ever had. I really like them with raspberry jelly and warm butter. Hot out of the oven yum.

"Delicious mix, good sell by date"

This mix is wonderful, and it doesn't expire until 2011, not that it will last anywhere near that long in my house.

I've made it twice already, and the second time I added some almond meal just for fun (I didn't measure- but it was between 1/3 and 1/2 cup), since it was so good when I added it to the Garvey's scone mix. The almond meal was terrific in the pancakes. It did not make them less fluffy, and it gave them a wonderful nutty flavor. I eat mine with honey- fabulous. And my kids liked them as well. I use butter for the oil, and I also use non-homogenized (cream top) whole milk.

I have now tried all the Garvey's mixes and I have been very happy with each and every one. There are not many brands I can say that about.

"Waffle Delight"

I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my husband; he has a new toy - a belgium waffle maker. He's experimented with various batters some his and the recipes that came with the appliance. We made waffles Christmas day for breakfast. This stuff is sensational, absolutely delicious. I had read the reviews on this product and was particularly drawn to buy this as it was organic and one purchaser had written their kids love the waffle mix. SOLD!!!! If the kids think its fabulous and it's organic, I wanted to check it out. Glad I did and I am looking forward to purchasing an additional supply of mix.

"Pleasant surprise"

I was hooked by the organic ingredients, but I'll continue buying the mix because of the taste. After trying my first pancake from the batch I was impressed. The texture is light and fluffy. The taste is smooth and buttery. Add blueberries and you've got a real treat.

"An instant family favorite"

Another home run from Garvey's! These pancakes are simply delicious. Very easy to make. I was thrilled to find out they have no trans-fats. They have quickly become a family favorite.

"Tasty Waffles!"

I'm a big fan of waffles, and this mix is great. I will buy this product again for sure.

"You have to try this!"

This is amazing stuff, reminds me of the pancakes my dad used to make from scratch. I love that it's organic and easy to make.

"Best Pancakes"

Nothing better than these pancakes with some coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. Best pancakes since grandma's

"Best Waffles"

I made waffles from this mix and everyone raved how good they were. The kids couldn't get enough. No more Eggos in this's Garvey's from now on!

"easy to make an wonderful taste!"

I was born in Ireland and grew up with daily home made bread. This gives me the flavor and texture I had there! The ease of making is perfect for a busy person.

"Try it, you'll like it" (Garvey's Organic Irish Brown Bread)

Great Product. Easy to make, fantastic whole grain nutty taste and chewy texture. Good wholesome ingredients, no preservatives, organic--try it you'll like it.

"Garvey's Organic Irish Brown Bread Mix"

This simple, make-in-a-flash mix produces a good-sized loaf of crusty bread that is moist and substantial like the brown bread I love to eat on my annual visits to Ireland.


This is the best shortbread I have had. Almost as good as homemade. My family couldn't stop eating it.

"Garvey's Carmel Coffee cake reminds me of my grandmothers"

Garvey's Carmel Walnut coffee cake reminds me of the coffee cake my grandmother used to bake. Super easy to make, and always turns out perfect. A cup of coffee and Garvey's coffee cake in the morning is the perfect way to start your day.
Garvey's really takes the cake.

"How do they make this so fluffy?" (Garvey's Caramel walnut coffee cake)

This cake mix is wonderful. I think it's the best I've ever used. I did add about 1/4 cup raisins to the topping. Just delicious!

"Garvey's is always good"

I have tried many of the Garvey's products. They never fail to surprise me with their fresh wholesome taste and texture. The Irish Soda Bread is no exception. It has a tasty crunchy outer crust with a grainy chewy inside texture. Easy to prepare and bake, a great way to have fresh bread with dinner. I add seasonings such as garlic powder or Italian seasonings when preparing with Italian dishes.

"Amazingly good"

This was an amazing mix. I bought it because I've liked all the other Garvey's products. I didn't have lemons, so I made a glaze for this with organic powdered sugar and orange juice. The cake was gone in a matter of minutes. My family all loved it.

I took a picture of my cake for facebook to show all my friends- I wish I could show you how pretty this tea cake was when it was baked.

"was skeptical, now a believer"

I was very skeptical that this would taste as good as the other reviewers said, but it was on sale so I figured I'd give it a try. My 5-yr-old son LOVES scones. Well, not only does it taste great, but it's ridiculously easy to make and my son was able to help me. In addition, my family comes from England so I've had my fair share of all sorts of scones. I have to say these taste pretty authentic. After they were done I wished I'd had clotted cream to go with. And organic to boot, what a find!

Also, being a mom who has to juggle, and never finding a recipe I didn't have to tweak, I found an even easier way to make them than the instructions on the box. Using 2 boxes I dumped the mixes directly into a disposable foil 1/2 size lasagna pan. Then I put in a full stick of butter that was room temp. I forked it till the dough was little lumps. I didn't add a flavor because I wanted to see what "original" was like. (Great.) Then I put in a cup of milk and forked it around till it was smooth dough. There was still some dry mix at the bottom of the pan so I added the couple of tablespoons of milk. Then, I got my hands in there and it wasn't too difficult to pick up the stray bits till the pan was clean and the dough was a ball. Then I smoothed out the dough evenly in the pan. Then I took a knife and scored it in quarters till I had 16 triangles. Baked it and done.

Mind you, I must say that my "easy" way of doing it is only if you don't mind not having the crusty edges on each triangle, the mark of a "real" scone I suppose. To me, I'd rather save the time, the dishes, and it tastes the same, delicious!

"Great taste and good for you"

As a triathlete I watch what I eat, but I still want something that tastes good. With Garvey’s Organic Scone's I get both. With organically grown ingredients and no trans fat it accomplishes healthy, and it is also a great tasting product. It is my Saturday morning pre ride fuel.

"Delicious scones"

These scones are so good and very easy to make. What a great treat for the whole family. I'm so happy I found these scones. I'll always have these on hand in the pantry. Delicious!!


It was amazingly simple to make absolutely perfect pancakes using Garvey's Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix. I'm certainly not a trained chef, so I was amazed how well my pancakes turned out. They were light, fluffy and perfectly golden brown with a slight crispness around the edge. The taste was incredible, the best I've ever had anywhere. The fact that the ingredients are organic is a big plus too. I highly recommend Garvey's Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix.

"An instant family favorite"

Another home run from Garvey's! These pancakes are simply delicious. Very easy to make. I was thrilled to find out they have no trans-fats. They have quickly become a family favorite.

"Excellent Waffle Mix"

My kids absolutely love this waffle mix, we've tried a lot and these is the best we've had - not to mention it's organic (truly organic, not like a lot of products that make the claim) so I don't worry about what they are putting in their bodies. Order some you won't be disappointed!